• Who Are You?
    My name is Mike and I love cars, motorcycles and racing. I've been shooting photographs for about 20 years and picked up motorsports seriously in 2009. Once i started to experience the speed, power and beauty of what motorsport had to offer, I fell in love and kept at it.

  • Who do you shoot for?
    I have been a photographer for all manner of organizations. My main subjects are Hooked On Driving Northeast, Jeffapalooza, NASA Northeast, Povoledo Track Days and the SCCA. I have also photographed pro series such as ARCA Racing, Formula Championship Series, Trans-AM and AER

  • How do I buy my Pictures?
    This site is a full featured e-commerce site and I offer both digital files and prints for sale. If you have a special rerquest, such as canvas or photo metals or gifts, please feel free to use the contact link above and send a request.

  • You have so many choices for digital files, which one do I pick?
    Digital files are purchased by resolution and license. for MOST needs, you just get a personal license. This license will allow you to share the image on the web and make prints and other photo products. If you plan on using the image to promote an event or team or other commercial entity, you need to move into a Promotional license file. This allows for usage in advertising, but does not allow reselling of the image in any way shape or form. If you need to resell an image on memorabilia, please contact me about commercial licensing. Once you know the license you need, you can choose from web, print or poster resolution. Web resolution is best viewed on a monitor or tablet or phone; print resolution is good for prints up to 11x14 and poster resolution is great for images larger than that. Also, I offer a full range of prints up to 30x40

  • You no longer offer packages of files?
    This season I have moved to tiered pricing for digital files. This is a much fairer price structure for those that only need a few images and could not fill out a full package.

  • Are you shooting <insert event name here>?
    Check out my Events Calendar page for this year's shooting schedule.

  • <Insert Name Of Event Here> is not on your schedule. Can you come out to it?
    That depends on if I am sanctioned by that organization and/or if it fits in the schedule. The best thing to do would be to shoot me an email

  • Did you shoot <insert name of event here>? Where are all your old photos?
    This year marks a new web site. I have managed to get 2016's images together, but am still working on the older stuff. Keep checking back!

  • There are SO many images of the event I was at! I can't find my car. Can you help me locate my images?
    As always, send an email with the event name, your run group, car number, car color and car MAKE (IE: BMW, Ford, Alfa, Corvette...) and I may be able to help you locate your images or set up a private showing. This can be pretty labor intensive, so serious inquiries only, please.

  • I'm a driver with a series and I think you could be a great sponsor. Do you have sponsorship opportunities?
    At this time, I do not, but maybe in the future. It never hurts to ask, but for the moment, Team WindShadow is not there yet.

  • Do you drivbe?
    LOL, I wish I could, but right now, photography takes up too much time and resources. Besides, if I drive, I can't shoot ;)